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Our Products

With our extensive interior and exterior restoration solutions, you can have the new car feel without the new car expense. Weather you are looking to freshen up your vehicle’s appearance on outside or inside, or maybe a combination of both, we have a product or service that will meet your automotive needs. We also offer a number of mechanical services that will keep your vehicle driving at its best.

Buffing and Polishing Services:With our buffing and polishing services, in many cases we can economically restore your paint finish to a near showroom shine. Our detailers can perform a basic polishing, or apply a more extensive process such as a full four-stage machining color restoration. With over 15-years of automotive experience, our buffing and polishing services are sure to breathe new life into your dull and worn out automotive paint surfaces. Call for additional details and pricing.

Interior dying and repair Services: We have the tools and the experience to restore your vehicle’s interior to “like new” condition. Weather your vehicle has a seat that is ripped or torn, or maybe your leather is stained or severely faded, we have a solution to your problem. We have our own in-house seamstress who has over 25 years of upholstery experience who can re-create any seating pattern. We also use the highest quality dyes to recolor your existing interior to its showroom glory. Call for additional details and pricing.

Interior Pressure Washing Service: This is a very unique and specialized service that is usually only available to automotive dealers. With this service, our detailers actually remove all the seats and carpet completely out of your vehicle. Once removed, we then use heated high-pressured water to remove the years of dirt and grime from the fabric of your seats and carpet. The results are absolutely remarkable. In many cases, we can return your fabric seats and carpet to “like new” condition.

Paint and body repair: For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new automobile, you can invest in one of our high quality paint jobs that we guarantee for up to 5 years. These are not just your “run of the mill paint jobs”. These are paint jobs that will have a factory finish and shine. We also have experts that can repair damaged or scratched body panels. Call for additional details and pricing.

Hybrid battery Repair: We have an in-house technician who has made an art out of refurbishing HV hybrid batteries for all Toyota vehicles. For a friction of the cost of what the dealer would charge, we can repair your Toyota hybrid vehicle. Unlike others who claim to provide this same service at a cheaper price, we provide local complementary towing and give you a full 12 months warranty for our service.

Emissions Repair: Are you having problems getting your vehicle to pass emissions? Let our experts properly diagnose and repair your vehicle. Our network of technicians, have over 15 years experience with diagnosing and repairing emissions problems. Once you drop off your vehicle, one of our technicians will repair the problem, test your vehicle, and provide a passing emissions certificate for your vehicle.